Todd Walls

Louisville, Kentucky

Todd Walls has over two decades of experience working in law enforcement throughout the United States. His career involves working with the street crimes and drug units.

Personal Life

In his free time, Todd enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, as well as pan fishing, hunting, playing softball, running, and weight lifting.


Todd Wall’s began his career in law enforcement at Western Kentucky University. After a year of studying, he moved to the University of Louisville, where he graduated in 1992 with a bachelors in police administration.

Todd Walls
Todd Walls


Upon graduation, Todd was hired by the Louisville Police Department. In this role, he patrolled the east and west ends of the town, as well as working with the street crimes unit.

Todd’s career took him to work with the Louisville International Airport Police and later with the Hollowcreek Police. Continuously moving up the ranks, Todd became a sergeant for the West Buechel Police Department. Here, Todd played a pivotal role in the development of a field training program and oversaw the confiscation of significant amounts of drug money. His success in this role led him to the Taylorsville Police Department in 2007. Between 2007-2015,  Todd played an important role in convicting a number of high-level dealers.

In 2015, Todd returned to the West Buechel Police Department, where he became the Police Chief. In this role, he won approval for the federal E-share program to share forfeiture money from federal agencies.


  • The Knights of Columbus: Police Officer of the Year Award

Todd Walls

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Todd Walls has two major passions in his life. One of them is law enforcement, evidenced by his long career of helping to get drugs and criminals off the street, formerly serving as chief of the West Buechel Police Department.

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"Officer Walls,
Recently, I received a letter commending you for your outstanding performance regarding a citizen's complaint of drugs at *** ****** Avenue. As a result of your efforts, ***** * ****** was arrested and charged with several offenses.

Please accept my appreciation for your professionalism and dedication. Your actions present a positive image for the Division of Police."
Col. E. Douglas Hamilton
Chief of Police, Louisville PD
"I would like to take this opportunity to commend Officers Todd Walls and Scott Barto of the 4th District for their dedication and professionalism while working with the Street Crimes Unit during the past five weeks. We were working on the stolen car problem in the area of the Shawnee Park neighborhood. We utilized roadblocks and undercover techniques during this operation. These two officers were very instrumental in the apprehension of several of the subjects that jumped from the stolen cars while working this detail.

During the stressful situations that we encountered during this operation, these two officers displayed a very positive and professional attitude. I commend these officers for a job well done and look forward to working with them again."
Sgt. Rondal Birge
Street Crimes Unit, Louisville PD
"Dear Sir,
I want to take this opportunity to thank you, your department, and especially one of your fine young patrolmen, Officer Todd Walls.
Last evening about 5 p.m. when returning to our home in Lexington from Illinois, my car had a tire blowout on I-64 about 8 miles east of Louisville. Fortunately, we were in the right lane, and I was able to get the car off the road without causing any accidents for the cars behind me. My wife and I proceeded to try and call for help on our portable CB, but we couldn't reach anyone.

Although I'm no youngster at 69 years, I started the process of extracting the spare tire and removing the totally destroyed right front tire. After about 10 minutes, Officer Walls pulled up behind us and offered his assistance. He offered to call AAA for us, but since I was so far along I decided to try to finish the job myself. Officer Walls couldn't have been more helpful. He gave us guidance, assistance, illumination, and encouragement. He enabled us to complete the job in short order and get us safely on our way home.

I can't thank you and your department enough for your staffing of such fine young men. Please convey to Officer Walls our sincere appreciation for his kind and most essential assistance at a very trying time."
Alvin C. Hadley Jr.
Colonel, US Army (Retired)
"Dear Mayor Richards,
I would like to take this time to commend Sgt. Todd Walls for his diligence concerning the disposal of our narcotic evidence, some of which had been in storage since 1995. Sgt. Walls contacted Chief Robert White and officials with the narcotics unit of the Metro Police in order to arrange to have our evidence destroyed. The disposal took place on March 3, 2006. Proper evidence disposal is a key component of obtaining a rating of accreditation. I would like for this letter to be placed in Sgt. Walls' permanent file."
Col. Robert Ritter
Chief of Police, West Buechel PD
"Officer Walls
Recently, I received a letter commending you for your outstanding performance regarding your response to a shooting at 3*** West ******* Street. As a result of your investigation, two juvenile subjects were arrested and three weapons were recovered.

I would like to offer my thanks to you for your efforts and dedication. Your performance and willingness to do well present a positive image for the Division of Police."
Lt. Col. James Griffiths
Chief of Police, Louisville PD