Todd Walls


Early life

Todd Walls was born and raised in Jefferson County, Kentucky. He remembers his childhood as revolving largely around sports, specifically baseball and basketball.

After a year of studying at Western Kentucky University, Todd discovered that his true calling was in law enforcement. He transferred to the University of Louisville, where he graduated in 1992 with a Bachelors degree in police administration.


Todd began his policing career with the Louisville Police Department. He patrolled the east and west ends of town, and worked within the street crimes unit. In 1998, Todd became an officer with the Louisville Airport and the Hollowcreek Police Department.


From 1999-2007, Todd worked with the West Buechel Police Department as a sergeant. In this role he patrolled the city, enforced traffic and criminal laws, investigated cases, wrote search warrants, and started the Field Training Officer program. Additionally, he supervised officers on second shift.


In 2007, Todd began working with the Taylorsville Police Department. In this role, he specialized in working with informants and prosecuting drug cases. After seven years in this role, he returned to the West Buechel Police department as Chief. In January 2019, Todd decided to officially retire from law enforcement to focus on his health and spending time with his family.

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